Our Partnerships


Our partnerships


Sheldon Creek Dairy, Loretto

Here at Sheldon Creek Dairy, we believe in embracing a life of tradition, infused with a dose of modern inspiration. We work to provide wholesome milk to our local area. What makes Sheldon Creek Dairy different is that we produce and bottle our non-homogenized milk completely on our farm, so you get the freshest product possible. We craft Whole Milk, Yogurt, Kefir and Labneh right here on the farm.

100KM Foods, North York

At Kerr Street Cafe, one of our top priorities is to provide our customers with truly ethical quality ingredients while supporting local honest businesses. We are proud to offer products from 100km, a local and sustainable farm to table supplier. Everything from 100Km is grown and harvested in Ontario, within 100km of its location. They aim to create a viable, dynamic and sustainable local food economy whereby chefs have access to the freshest and best products that Ontario has to offer, and Ontario producers have a dedicated channel for the sales, marketing and distribution of their products.

“As more consumers insist on knowing where their food comes from, and are willing to pay for it, more — and younger — farmers are encouraged to take a stab at tilling fields. And the long term benefit is creating stronger rural communities. Founder and owner Preston, who has become a local councillor, says that one benefit is creation of stronger rural communities. “

Newman, Alex. “Young Urbanites Reach for the Crops” NATIONAL POST


HiLite Produce, Etobicoke

HiLite is our main produce supplier. A reliable top-quality wholesale produce company that offers premium tropical/soft and hard fruits, vegetables, root vegetables and greens, as well as quail eggs, tofu and nuts to the Ontario region. In addition, the company sources organic salad greens, microgreen seedlings, unique vegetables with unusual colours, edible flowers, flavourful heirloom tomatoes, and colourful high Brix heritage root vegetables from Cookstown Greens. Without HiLite’s consistent quality ingredients, we would not be able to do what we do.


Woodward Meat Purveyors Inc., Oakville

In keeping with our local and sustainable message, WOODWARD’s is all about sourcing meat locally. Their strong partnerships with local Ontario Farmers as well as producers across Canada have allowed them to consistently deliver a diverse selection of exceptional tasting, antibiotic free and organic meat.