Current - Maria Fleury


Kerr Street Café aims to provide exceptional food and service to our esteemed guests. All of our products are locally sourced and aim to minimize our carbon footprint by utilizing biodegradable packaging, proper recycling, and composting. Additionally, Kerr Street Café would be honoured to host local artists to be exhibited on our wall spaces. We wish to provide a platform for artists in the Oakville (and surrounding) area to share their artwork in an accessible institution. We understand that as emerging artists, it can be difficult to obtain gallery exposure for your work to be seen and, preferably, bought. This is why Kerr Street Café is accepting free art submissions to be displayed within the Café and we will not be collecting any commission from your work. We believe that the artists should retain all of the profits.

The application for exhibiting can be found at the bottom of this page.

Curator: Colt Nicastro




 Growing up in Venezuela, Fleury was drawn to the arts without any formal fine arts training. As she got older, Fleury became interested in law and she started to pursue a career as lawyer and legal translator. At this time in her life, she wasn’t able to continue her vocation to the arts. It wasn’t until she moved to Oakville five years ago that the Canadian Landscape reignited the artist within her.

Living so close to Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Fleury found herself on her bicycle more often than not, cycling through forest trials and paths. Her family started to travel to many points of Canada, which allowed Fleury to search for more inspiration to implement into her artwork. It’s the power of nature’s evolution through season’s that has encaptivated Fleury. During her travels, Fleury also came across Maya Eventov’s work and felt an immediate connection.

Traces of Eventov’s birch trees can be found in Fleury’s work, specifically with the vibrant colours and use of impasto. What differs is how Fleury has expanded on the birch tree theme. Not only does she provide a fresh approach to the scene of the trees themselves, she incorporates gels, mixed mediums, maple leaves, pencil shavings, and even sand collected from Cancun. She creates intense textures and radiant colours that paints Canada in a lasting way. Her work leaves a strong impression of the natural beauty found in our home. 

Instagram: mi.fleury_art